PC,VGA to AV RCA S-Video TV Switch Box

PC,VGA to AV RCA S-Video TV Switch Box
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Product details of PC,VGA to AV RCA S-Video TV Switch Box

VGA to TV RCA Composite S-Video/Video Converter Switch Box for PC Laptop

Play Game browsing Internet on TV

Package Contents:

PC to TV converter
RCA video cable
USB power cable
VGA cable

How This Works

Connecting this conversion box to your video configuration takes only a couple minutes. Using the included VGA cable, connect the box’s VGA input to your computer’s VGA port. Using the included RCA video cable (composite video), connect the box to your TV, projector, or other viewing device.

This PC to TV converter also features a VGA output port that allows for VGA Loop-Through. This essentially means that you can simultaneously view video on a VGA monitor while viewing the video on your TV, projector, etc.

Higher Quality Conversion

This converter is a higher-end solution to the age-old need of viewing your PC on your TV. Convert your VGA signal to be viewed on any TV, projector, or any other viewing device that uses standard TV connectors with this simple external device. Converts a VGA signal into an S-Video or RCA signal, use your TV as a PC monitor, Great for presentations, web-browsing, PC online games, pictures, and movies.


Use TV as PC monitor to view presentations, games, pictures and movies or browse the Web
Connects a VGA port to TV-ideal for computers without a TV-out connector
Enables notebook computer users to easily connect and use a large-format monitor
Adjust and set preferences with onscreen display and front-mount control panel
Compact, portable size and USB power requires no external supply or adapter, use almost anywhere
Simple and quick to install; Windows and Mac compatible


Video standards: NTSC/NTSC-EIAJ/PAL/PAL-M/PAL-N/SECAM (via RGB out)
Resolutions supported: 640 x 480 (up to 85 Hz), 800 x 600 (up to 85 Hz) and 1024 x 768 (up to 75 Hz)
Input port: DB15 (VGA)
Output ports: Composite video (RCA), S-video and HD15 (VGA)
Front panel controls: Zoom, Menu and onscreen display directional controls
Image controls: Horizontal and vertical size, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness and onscreen display background
Powered by USB port of PC host

System Requirements:

NTSC or PAL support with composite video or S-video input
RGB video or SCART input connector
No driver or operating system requirements; compatible with Windows and Mac computers

แปลงสัญญาณใช้กับทีวี หรือจอ Monitor หรือ Projetor
เป็นระบบ Plug & Play
ใช้ได้กับทุก Windows

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PC,VGA to AV RCA S-Video TV Switch Box

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